During my last CLE event our booth neighbor was Brad Allen from LitigationBids.com. I had seen his service mentioned in other publications but had not spent the time to see what they were all about. After spending the day with Brad, I can say that I think his site is a great idea and it seems to be well executed.

We’re going to start posting any overflow court reporting projects that we have on the site. As of right now there are not many listings but I’m sure that will change in time.

What is Litigation Bids?

Litigation Bids helps attorneys and vendors connect with each other through the wonderful world wide web. For example: If an attorney has a deposition in Atlanta he or she can post the type of services they are looking for, the date and a description of the project. A local vendor can then connect with the attorney to work out the fine details of the project.

This service does not cost the lawyer anything! Vendors on the other hand can pay $49 to bid on the job or can sign up for a monthly unlimited package for $200.