About 6 months ago I received this very odd email from Time Warner…


Why would Time Warner be giving me something other than poor performance for FREE??  They knew Google Fiber is coming to town.   So what does this mean for local attorneys?  Quite a bit.

1. Increased Sharing Ability:  Transfering of video depositions is an obvious advantage with the increased speeds.  The video depositions that we take at SA Legal are on average 1GB for an hour of video.  On a standard Time Warner business connection (5Mbps upload) that would take about 30 minutes.  Google Fiber would have the video uploaded in around 10 seconds.   You can easily send an expert witness video clips of other depositions, transfer entire case files. The productivity savings are tremendous.

2. Offsite Backup / Cloud Storage:  For most small law firms there is not a reliable way to backup your entire office’s data.  By the time you’re done upload the first set, you have created more data to backup to continue to have current backups, it’s a vicious cycle.  The current choice is to pick the most important data and backup only those files.  With Google’s speeds, you’ll be done in very little time.

3. Cost Savings:  We pay around $200 for a static IP and a 50Mps/5Mps through Time Warner.  Google will cost $100 for 1,000Mps/1,000Mps.   It’s not a large sum, but for $1,560/year savings and 100+ times faster,  Who wouldn’t choose them?  If you’re a solo attorney looking to cut costs completely they even have a free service, just pay for installation and you get a slow but usable 5Mps/1Mps connection.

4. More Reliable Streaming:  Video conferencing and video depositions are underused in the legal world.   We always have to make sure we have access to a decent internet connection when someone requests streaming video, with the faster upload speeds there are never buffering our out-of-synch audio issues.


Now I just have to sit and wait.  Our office building already has fiber and we’re sitting next to some major backbone loops, so hopefully we’ll be seeing the increased speeds sooner rather than later!