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A new take on hiring Litigation Support vendors

During my last CLE event our booth neighbor was Brad Allen from I had seen his service mentioned in other publications but had not spent the time to see what they were all about. After spending the day with Brad, I can say that I think his site is […]

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Great short throw projector

Recently we were in a courtroom that had previously been two conference rooms that combined made a temporary courtroom.  It looked like someone had taken furniture Legos and built a courtroom, needless to say, there was not enough room for your typical projector and screen setup.

What do you do?!  Get […]

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Courtroom Laser Pointer Review

One of the most overlooked pieces of equipment we bring into the courtroom is the laser pointer.  If you are using a projector and screen or built-in LCD screens it’s always nice to be able to point at what part of a photo or page that you are referencing.

We’ve tried at least […]

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  • Personal-Injury-Mediation-Presentation-video

Example Car Wreck Mediation Presentation

With so many cases that never reach trial, we’re hired to create mediation presentations on a consistent basis.  Below is an older example of a Keynote presentation that I came across.  There were some ideas we had to improve the overall look, but this is the way our client wanted his […]

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How Does Google Fiber coming to San Antonio effect Lawyers?

About 6 months ago I received this very odd email from Time Warner…

Why would Time Warner be giving me something other than poor performance for FREE??  They knew Google Fiber is coming to town.   So what does this mean for local attorneys?  Quite a bit.

1. Increased Sharing Ability:  Transfering of […]

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  • WereBack

We’re Back!!

We’re back and ready to go. first came online in 2007.  Yes, I can’t believe it as well!  Over the years I have posted hundreds of articles and tips and tricks that are now unfortunately all lost.  This was due to changing hosts and having a series of backup fails that […]

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